kitchen sink smell

Your kitchen should be a source of sweet and savory smells. You should walk into it eager to cook and eat, inspired by the scents wafting through the room. The last thing you’d want to is to walk into your kitchen and be repelled by some foul odor. It can happen, unfortunately — kitchen sinks can get smelly if you’re not careful.

At Boydco Plumbing, we know how much a smelly sink can ruin your day, but luckily, it isn’t a hard problem to fix. Here are a few reasons why your sink could begin to smell, as well as solutions on how to make that kitchen sink smell go away.


If your kitchen sink starts to stink, there’s a good chance that there’s bacteria in your drain pipes. Bacteria love water, food particles and the warm temperatures of a kitchen.

You can get rid of the bacteria in your drain by using vinegar, baking soda, or a minimal amount of bleach. Before using any kind of commercial disinfectant, make sure that it’s safe to use in a kitchen. If you end up using baking soda to kill the bacteria, you’ll need to pour hot water over it while you use it. We at BOYDCO do not recommend ever using any kind of commercial liquid drain cleaner.

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Garbage Disposal

Another possible culprit could be your garbage disposal. Sometimes all those food particles end up sticking to the teeth of the disposal’s grinder and begin to rot, causing a stench to build up over time. The simplest solution to resolving this issue is to put some ice cubes in the disposal and turn the unit on to grind off some of the encrusted material, then pour hot water down into the disposal. The hot water should dislodge the grease forming on the teeth and remove that awful smell coming from your sink. You can also use the same cleaning agents that you’d use to get rid of bacteria to clean your garbage disposal.


If it isn’t bacteria in the drain or greasy food particles in your garbage disposal, that smell could be the result of the vent from the sink to the roof being clogged. You can clean this by using a plumber’s snake: head to the roof and run the snake from the top of the vent, pushing it through untill the block is cleared. This should be done by a professional with a plumbing snake.

Sink Trap

The smell could also be coming in through your sink trap. A leaking or clogged sink trap can pump out sewer gas into your home. The fix for a clogged sink trap is simple: like many of the other sink problems, it can be solved by pouring hot water into it. If the trap is leaking, you’ll probably have to call a professional to get it fixed.

A Few Helpful Tricks

There are a few things that you can do to keep your sink smelling fresh and to prevent problems from building up over time. You can run ice cubes through the disposal — they will knock off any food particles forming on the teeth. You can also put citrus in your disposal to give it a fresh and clean smell. Dropping a slice of lemon or orange down it every now and then can do wonders for your sink! Kosher salt can also be used to help clean your drain and disposal.

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