Dropping a wedding ring or other piece of jewelry down the sink is actually a fairly common occurrence and can easily happen to anyone no matter how careful they are trying to be. All it takes is just the right set of circumstances to come into play and suddenly you find yourself in a world of panic. One of your most valuable possessions has now slipped down the drain and into the unknown. What do you do now?

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The first thing to do is stop panicking. When we panic, we often make mistakes and poor choices that can actually make things worse. It is most likely that your wedding ring is closer to recovery than you might think, but a few bad decisions might just push it further down into the plumbing.

First Things First

Once you know the ring has fallen down the drain, shut the water off as soon as possible. By keeping the water running, you may be forcing the ring further out of reach. Do not run the garbage disposal and be sure you do not reach down into the sink until the power to the garbage disposal has been turned off completely.

It could be that your ring is just below the drain and can be easily reached with your hand or by using some needle nosed pliers or even a magnet.


Most modern day kitchen sinks are built with curved section of pipe below the drain of the sink called a P-Trap. These were built specifically to catch and trap items before going further into the plumbing system. If you look under your sink, you can identify the P-Trap as the piece of pipe that is shaped like a “U.” It is very likely that, if your ring is not in the sink or drain, it is in the P-Trap.

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To retrieve your ring, look for the access plug on the p-trap. Older plumbing systems do not always have an access plug. If that is the case, the best thing to do would be to contact a professional plumber who will have the necessary tools to remove the P-Trap altogether.

Before you attempt to remove the access plug of the P-Trap, be sure you have a bucket underneath to catch the water that will come out. It may also be a good idea to have some towels or cloths ready to soak up any small spills. Let the water and everything else (hopefully your ring!) drain into your bucket.

If your ring does not come out with the water from the P-Trap, you might take a flashlight and look up into the pipes that lead in and out of it. In some cases, the ring may have been pushed beyond the P-Trap. This is when you will want to give Boydco Plumbing a call.

Remember, just because the ring is not in the P-Trap does not mean you are out of luck. Give us a call at 602-335-0323 and we will come take a look right away.