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Life is full of surprises, and few surprises are as unwelcome as a clogged bathroom sink. Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, a place of total privacy where you can refresh yourself before going out into the world. A clogged sink, with its strange smells and trapped water, ruins that sanctuary, turning every bathroom visit into an exercise in frustration. Getting it fixed should be a priority, and it’ll be a lot easier to fix if you knew what was clogging it in the first place.

At Boydco Plumbing, we’ve spent years helping our customers with their clogged sinks, their broken pipes and plumbing leaks. We’ve seen the kind of things that can clog up and ruin a perfectly good sink, and some of these things might surprise you. What are those things? Read on and find out.

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Hair can get trapped in your pipes and form a powerful clog. This could be hair from shaving, hair from brushing or pet hair if you wash your beloved animals in the sink. The hair gets trapped in the sludge in the pipes and builds up over time. This combination of hair and sludge forms a very solid type mass and will need to be removed by an environmentally friendly drain cleaner that can dissolve the hair. It could also be removed by a professional using a pipe snake to free the mass.

Another way to keep hair out of your sink is to install sink guards and mesh drain covers. You should also try to brush your hair immediately before showering to cut down on the amount of hair you shed in the sink. Some hair will still go down the drain, but this should help reduce the amount of hair getting stuck down there.

Cleaning products

Sad to say, but the very same products that keep you looking healthy and fresh are also probably ruining your sink. Soap, detergent, shampoo and toothpaste can all build up inside a sink, forming a residue that will trap other things going down the drain and make your clog even worse.You can loosen up and unclog smaller blockages by pouring boiling water down the drain and using a cup plunger to push the clog down and away.

Small objects

It’s easier than you think for small objects to get stuck in your kitchen sink. This is especially true if you have small children in the house! Small toys, lipstick, jewelry, capsules, toothpaste tube caps, disposable razor blades and all sorts of other common household objects can get lodged in your bathroom sink’s drain. These can cause major clogs by creating a buildup of sludge, hair and other cleaning product runoff that gets trapped by the objects in your pipes. Sometimes you can remove these objects by shutting off your water and then unscrewing the P-trap or J-trap to fish them out.

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