Many of us in the Phoenix metro area know what hard water is because we’ve tasted it out of the faucet or used it when taking a shower. We know that minerals such as magnesium and calcium suspended in the water make it difficult to use. That’s why so many of the homes and businesses in the Phoenix area now have after market water softeners as part of their plumbing system.

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The biggest problem hard water causes is not the bad tasting water or the difficulty of getting a good lather in the shower. It is the effect it will have on the plumbing in your home or office that you should be most concerned with.

As hard water travels through the network of pipes that make up the plumbing system, it begins to leave calcium deposits. When left untreated, these calcium deposits begin to build up and can turn into serious problems.

The first signs of this hard water or calcium build up shows up in sinks, on faucets, and on showerheads as yellow or white, flaky substance. This is not only unattractive and messy, but it also serves as a sign that other issues will soon follow. Hard water deposits can begin to build up in showerheads, for example, causing water to spray in odd directions or clog.

This is just the beginning. Usually, by the time you see these kinds of signs in your sinks and faucets, you may already have other troubles brewing in places you cannot see. When hard water deposits grow too big, they have an effect on the amount of volume of water your pipes can handle. It affects both the water output as well as drains. The deposits take up too much space leaving too little for proper water pressure. This makes it easier for clogs to form and can cause spikes in water pressure.

Even worse is that the build up of hard water deposits can eventually affect your water heater making them less efficient. When your water heater has to work harder or longer to heat water, it requires more energy, which results in higher energy bills in the long run.

 So you can see that hard water and the deposits that come with it can definitely wreak havoc in your plumbing system. That is why it is a good idea to have it treated as soon as possible. The earlier you are able to detect calcium build ups in your home or office, the sooner you can have Boydco Plumbing take a look at the situation and fix it. The longer you wait, the bigger the issue may be.

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