old house

There is a certain charm and beauty that can only be found in an older home, which is one reason why so many people are drawn to them. Whether you have lived in an older home for many years or have recently purchased one, you may be aware of the unique challenges that come with this charm and beauty. The truth is, older homes were designed differently than the home that are being built today for both good and bad.

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One of the more common problems that can arise in an older home involves the plumbing system. While some of these issues can be easily addressed, others can be lead to expensive repair costs and recurring problems if they aren’t taken care of. To be prepared for plumbing issues that may come up, here are a few things you should be aware of:

Age of Plumbing System

There are very few things that are built to last forever. This is definitely true for plumbing systems in older homes where regular wear and tear can eventually affect its condition. Small leaks can occur in places you wouldn’t think of, leading to water damage and even mold. Older fixtures may need to be replaced, as they may not be as efficient as they once were.

Tree Roots

Depending on when and where your home was built, you may be looking at issues with tree roots that can penetrate pipes and cause problems. Older homes were often built with sewer lines make of plastic, cast iron or clay. All of these are susceptible to root damage as they get older and begin to break down. It’s a good idea to have the outdoor system closely inspected when purchasing an older home or if you like in an older home already and suspect plumbing issues.

Pipe Decay

Many older homes were built with galvanized steel pipes, which were chosen because of their strength and endurance. Unfortunately, these pipes can corrode and rust over time resulting in issues such as poor water supply throughout the home. Check for low water pressure in the home. If it is too low, you may need to have the pipes replaced with more modern alternatives such as copper or plastic.

If you are buying an older home in the Phoenix area or already live in one, it is worth it to have your plumbing system carefully inspected by an experienced plumber who knows what to look for. The good news is, many of these issues can be addressed before extensive damage takes place. The sooner we can find the problem, the better for the long-term condition of your home.

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