Your garbage disposal is the meanest, toughest appliance in your kitchen. But as with any other appliance, you’ve got to use it properly to keep it in tip-top shape. We’ve made a list of 5 things you should not put in your garbage disposal. If you already have, consider calling a plumber because you might have a messy situation on your hands.

  • Potato peels

  • Grease

  • Carrot peels

  • Pasta

  • Coffee Grounds

Each of the items listed should NOT be put in your garbage disposal. As tough as it is, it simply can’t handle certain foods that are better off being thrown away.

Potato peels and carrot peels can be hard to cut through which leads to a giant tangled mess of stringy peels that your garbage disposal cannot handle.

Have you ever left grease out on the counter? It hardens and it will do the same thing inside of your plumbing so unless you want to call a plumbing professional in Phoenix to come snake your drain, throw the grease out!

Pasta is almost impossible to break down into pieces small enough not to clog your drain. It’s easier to throw them in the trash and save yourself the trouble! The pieces can also swell if you attempt to flush them down with water, causing the clog to get even worse.

Coffee grounds can begin to clump up before they make it through your drain. Much like the grease, they will gather in hardened chunks, keeping other food and liquids from breezing through your plumbing.

If you’ve put one of the items listed that should not go in your garbage disposal and need professional help, call Boydco Plumbing at 602-335-0323.