Garbage disposals are a very helpful appliance that can make a big difference in the cleanliness and effectiveness of our kitchens. These days, most homes and many offices have garbage disposals attached to sinks in the kitchen area. It’s hard to imagine a time when there were no garbage disposals, which makes it that much more frustrating when they aren’t functioning properly.

We often hear people refer to the “blades” inside a garbage disposal. The general consensus is that, the sharper these blades are, the better the disposal will work. The components at work inside a garbage disposal are actually not blades, but a ring of teeth-like shredders. As these shredders begin to dull over time, it can definitely slow down the effectiveness of the disposal.

 There really is no specific way to sharpen the teeth on these shredders, but by focusing on keeping them clean, you are ensuring they will work effectively and for a long time. Here are a couple of tips on how to keep your shredder teeth from getting dull and how to keep them clean:

Start by keeping the blades from getting dull.

It’s always better to start by focusing on prevention first before a problem evolves forcing you to look for a fix. We can prevent disposal blades from becoming dulled or clogged by avoiding putting hard, fibrous or greasy foods into the disposal. This might include the following:

·      Celery

·      Lettuce

·      Corn Husks

·      Potato Skins

·      Banana Peels

·      Bones or shells

 Be sure to clean your disposal blades.

Keeping the shredder clean can help it be more effective when you need it. You can clean your shredder by placing a handful of ice cubes into the disposal when it is turned off. Then drop a couple of slices of lemon, limes or oranges in with the skin still attached to them. Let the disposal run for a minute or two under cold water and let the ice and citrus combination go to work to clean the shredder teeth clean. This will also give a nice, fresh smell too.

 If your disposal just does not seem to be doing its job the right way, you may either have something stuck in the shredder components or it could be that it’s time for a new disposal. Either way, Boydco Plumbing can be there to help. We’ve worked on or replaced hundreds of garbage disposals in the past. Let us come take a look at it first to see if there is some simple solution to fixing the issue first. If it needs to be changed out, we can do that too.

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