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Pipe & Slab Leak Repair In Phoenix, AZ

Suspect a leak?

Leak Repair

Repairing Leaks To Save Your Home

For the best slab leak repair Phoenix has ever seen, Boydco Plumbing, Inc. is the company you want to call. Not only do they provide the best in slab leak repair, but they also give the best gas leak repair Phoenix has come to know. Many people tend to ignore pipe leak repair, somehow thinking that they will go away on their own. When leaks are ignored, homes could be permanently damaged, lives could be jeopardized, and costs for later pipe leak repair could sky rocket.

Slab Leak Repair

When it comes to slab leak repair, it is important that you call Boydco Plumbing, Inc. just as soon as you discover a leak.

Some of the causes of slab leaks include:

  • Poor workmanship when the slab was laid
  • A shifting foundation, which is a natural happening
  • Water chemistry and water velocity
  • Clogs, cracks, and breaks in the slab
  • Aging

Some of the signs that you might have a slab leak include:

  • A water bill that continues to rise, unexplained
  • A floor that is continually wet or damp

Some of the reasons to contact Boydco Plumbing, Inc. for a slab leak repair include:

  • The structure of your building could be compromised if you wait too long
  • The cost of the repair will rise as long as you leave it undone
  • Your home or office could be permanently damaged

Gas Leak Repair

Contacting Boydco Plumbing, Inc. when you suspect that you have a gas leak is essential to safety. It is hard to detect a gas leak because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. If for any reason you think you have a gas leak, contact us immediately.

Some of the causes of a gas leak include:

  • The seals of older appliances beginning to corrode
  • Long term wear and tear on the gas pipes
  • The mazes of piping under the home or under the yard putting too much pressure on the gas pipes, causing them to break

Some of the reasons to contact us to repair your gas leak include:

  • A gas leak inside the home could result in death. Having it fixed immediately could literally save your life
  • Money will be saved on utility bills
  • Permanent damage to your home can be avoided

Contact Us. If you have even the smallest inkling that you have a slab or a gas leak, contact us today to detect the leak and get it taken care of with slab leak repair or gas leak repair. Call us at 602.335.0323.

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