Today may be the day when you have absolutely reached your limit with your bathroom. The old-school faucets, the outdated tile…it has all been building up until you can no longer take it anymore! It is time to remodel!

Of course, the one thing to keep in mind is that remodeling a bathroom is not necessarily a simple or inexpensive task. There are some major expenses that go into a room that small and it can be very easy to find yourself running out of resources before the project is done. That might be fine if it was your backyard or a porch that you only use once in a while. A bathroom is much more necessary!

So how do you remodel a bathroom without breaking the bank?

We have a few ideas here for you to consider. Keep in mind that these ideas are more about giving your bathroom an updated and fresh look. When it comes to changing toilets, showers or bathtubs, you may end up saving yourself time and money by calling a professional.

Start with Paint

We all know how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make in any room. The same goes for the bathroom. Start by removing everything that is not nailed down. Carefully tape up your cabinets, mirrors, showers and toilet. Refresh the color that was already there or try something completely different.

Sinks and Vanities

Buying a new bathroom sink is no way to keep things inexpensive. Rather than replacing the sink or vanity you already have, try giving it new life by adding paint or even tile. You will be surprised at how much of a difference this will make.

Fixtures and Faucets

If it is in the budget, updating fixtures and faucets can definitely make a difference in the look of your bathroom. However, some people have been able to get creative with spray paint and lacquer and give their old faucets and fixtures an entirely different look.


By adding new lighting in your bathroom, you change the look at the same time you brighten it up. New lights can be inexpensive, but can definitely have a dramatic effect on the look of your new bathroom. If nothing else, try a different style of bulb to see how it changes things up.

Rugs, Towels and Other Decorations

The finishing touches are always the most fun when you are remodeling. This is when you can see everything coming together. For many people, simply updating their bathroom rugs and towels is enough to breathe new life into the bathroom. Try adding contemporary baskets, candles and other decorations to finish things up nicely.

Have More Remodeling A Bathroom Questions?

This is a very basic bathroom remodel, but one that is simple to do without spending too much money. As we said before, if you have your sights set on bigger changes, such as a new shower or bathtub, be sure to call Boydco Plumbing at 602-335-0323. Whether you are attempting to make these bigger changes on your own or not, we can provide you with some tips that may save you time and money.