Whether you’re building the home of your dreams or are ready to repipe your current home, there’s a decision to be made. Should you use copper or PVC pipes? Each plumber has arguments for both sides and it can be a difficult decision to make.

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Use this comparison to help you decide whether you should use copper or PVC pipes.


This is the biggest argument for PVC over copper piping. PVC piping is considerably cheaper. But you have to weigh the rest of the benefits to figure out what will be right for you even if it means forking out more money up front.

Longevity and Durability

Generally, copper pipes will last longer. They’re extremely durable under any conditions, are bacteria and fire resistant and retain their strength even when bent. PVC piping will resist deterioration due to acid and other corrosive materials, but cannot handle the extreme heat that copper piping can endure.


Along with the upfront cost, you’ll have to think about future maintenance. PVC piping allows for easier DIY plumbing jobs. In most cases, copper plumbing will require a professional to repair. It simply isn’t easy to handle for an amateur. But with its durability, repairs may be few and far between compared to PVC piping.

There are a lot of variables to think about if you’re looking at copper or PVC pipes. Our recommendation is to hire a plumber to come and give their expert opinion. For help with your copper or PVC pipes in Phoenix, give Boydco Plumbing a call at 602-335-0323.