The next time you feel off track in life, take a minute to consider the life lessons we can learn from the often-underestimated act of plumbing. There may be a bit more there than we first realize at first glance.

Just thinking about having to deal with any plumbing issue around the house can instantly cause stress and anxiety. Unlike yard work or even retiling a kitchen, plumbing is not something that most people are willing to learn on their own time. The problem is that most of the plumbing systems in our homes are hidden away in places we cannot see and remain mysterious to us. Most of us would rather avoid figuring out a plumbing issue on our own.

However, by passing up on this opportunity, you are also missing out on some great lessons of life. Here are just a few:

Out of Sight, Out of Mind??

Just because we don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We might think that our problems, much like our pipes, are tucked deep inside a wall someplace where they can’t affect us. The truth is, just like hard water builds up in our plumbing systems, hurt feelings, bad habits and procrastination are just waiting to burst out of their pipes. It is better to acknowledge the issue early on to make sure we deal with it effectively.

Careful What Goes in the Sink!

The kitchen sink just looks like it’s waiting to accept just about anything we decide to put into it. So we stuff our banana peels, grease and bones down into the sink thinking that it can never possible hurt us in the long run. But the truth is, those things actually do cause damage and, just like with our bodies, we have to be careful what we’re feeding our sinks. What goes in to the plumbing system today may just end up staying for a while, making it as difficult as excess body fat to get rid of.

It’s Okay to Ask For Help

Throughout life, there will be moments we must face when we simply do not have the right answers. That’s okay! We can and should ask for help when we need it. By trying to deal with an issue on our own, especially when it involves something we are not familiar with, we often make the situation worse and prolong the outcome. So it is the same with plumbing. The last thing you should do is attempt to dig into a major plumbing problem only to find out that you are not equipped with the right tools or knowledge. Believe us, there are some plumbing issues that are just too complicated – even for YouTube.

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Learn More About What Plumbing Can Teach Us

If you’re ever in the mood to hear even more about how the lessons of plumbing go hand in hand with the lessons of life, just give Boydco Plumbing a call at 602-335-0323. We may not be able to solve your life problems, but we can definitely fix any plumbing issue you might have.