Having a basic understanding of how and where water damage originates can help you be better prepared to prevent it. When it comes down to it, preventing water damage is much cheaper than paying for repairs. Unfortunately, water damage has a nasty habit of spreading and multiplying. Even the smallest of leaks can come back to haunt you down the road in the form of mold and rot.

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To help you avoid large water damage costs, here is a list of simple and effective things you can do to prevent water damage in your home:

Watch Your Water Bill Closely

Water damage is not always easy to see. Most of the water pipes are behind walls or underground making it very difficult to notice a leak. By keeping a close eye on your water bill, you will be able to identify any abnormalities or spikes in usage. When your water bill shows a significant change, it could be a sign that you have a leak somewhere.

If you smell a mildew like smell under your kitchen cabinet, lavatory sink cabinet, around shower, shower wall, laundry room etc. This may be sign of a water leak inside of the walls or could be a waste piping leaking inside of walls.

Make sure that all tub spouts and shower valves with trim plates are sealed. When using the shower or tub, water splashes on the shower walls and water could leak behind and down inside of wall’s and cause a mold build up and mildew like smell.

Check your outside hose bibb’s and sprinkler control valve. If you see dampness that could be a sign of a water leak and could lead to a more costly repair if left unattended.

Use Caution When Planting Trees

Should you decide to take the landscape of your home to the next level by planting a tree, be sure to do your homework on how the roots will grow. Some trees have invasive roots that will grow right through a pipe or sprinkler system. Take the time to choose a good spot for your tree that will not interfere with the water lines around your home.

If you ever suspect that your home has sustained water damage of some sort, even if you are unable to see it, call Boydco Plumbing right away at 602-335-0323. We respond quickly to emergencies and are available to help you 24 hours a day.