How to Cut Down on Your Water Bill This Summer

Phoenix summers require a lot of water usage, and as the temperatures rise, so does your water bill. Fortunately, cutting back can be easy, as well as save you money for months on end. We’ve put together a list of some of the easiest ways you can save.

Wait to Wash

Your dishwasher and washing machine are two huge areas for potential savings. Newer dishwashers use about six gallons or less per load, but older ones can use up to 15 gallons at a time. Newer washing machines use 15-30 gallons on average, but older ones can use up to 45 gallons. Replacing your older appliances for newer, more energy-efficient models is a great way to save long-term, but if you don’t want the immediate expense of buying new machines, try simply waiting to run a load until the machine is full.

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Turn Off the Sprinklers

Watering your lawn can be a huge expense, especially if you’re trying to cut down on your water bill. Try watering your grass less frequently, or even ditching it altogether. Water-conscious landscaping options like rock gardens or xeriscapes can be an attractive and interesting alternative to the typical blanket of green.

Don’t Fill Up

In-ground swimming pools can be costly to maintain when it comes to your water bill. Try refilling it only when you plan to use it instead of every day. Though it will take longer to refill each time, you won’t constantly be replacing what has evaporated. You can also try covering your pool when not in use with a pool cover or even an inexpensive tarp. This way, water that evaporates will condense on the underside of the cover and eventually drip back into the pool.

Skip the Shower

Older shower heads can use water at the rate of up to five gallons per minute. Try swapping your old head out for a newer model that uses less water. Better yet, try skipping just one shower per week (try using a dry shampoo or spray-in conditioner on these days).

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