Bad shower water pressure can ruin a good shower. The temperature could be just right, but if the pressure isn’t there, it can leave much to be desired.

Poor shower pressure can be caused by a number of factors, including the fact that the water must travel up to reach the showerhead. This can definitely take away from the strength of the water pressure. Some people are inclined to simply change the showerhead altogether. While this may ultimately be the solution, there are other things you can attempt first that may make a difference.

Get Rid of the Flow Restrictor

Most showerheads are made with a flow restrictor built in to help with better water management and to prevent waste. These restrictors are typically made of plastic and come with a small hole in the middle. They sit inside the shower head forcing all water to push through it first before going out. By taking your shower head apart, you can easily locate this flow restrictor and remove it. This tends to make a pretty big difference when it comes to more power from your showerhead.

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Clean Your Shower Head

A dirty shower head can absolutely make a difference in the pressure of your shower. Calcium and magnesium from hard water can easily build up in the shower head or in its internal screen. When this screen gets clogged with chemicals or sediment, it prevents good water flow. Give your showerhead a good cleaning using a lime remover or industrial strength cleaner. You should see better pressure right away.

Use an Amplifier

There are amplifying showerheads available that will make a tremendous difference in the pressure you feel in the shower. Amplifiers increase the velocity of the water as it passes through the showerhead. It works especially well in areas where there might be water restrictions. By increasing the velocity, it can make less water feel like much more.

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If you are having a water pressure issue we can perform a water pressure test on the entire house. Call Boydco Plumbing for an inspection. We’ll be happy to test your water system and identify possible reasons for low water pressure.