When choosing a water heater for your home or office, there are several things to consider. These considerations might include size, ease of installation, lifespan and efficiency. For most people, efficiency and the ability to cut the cost of use is one of the biggest and most important factors in choosing a water heater.

At Boydco Plumbing, we are often asked if an electric water heater is the best choice for saving money. We understand why this is such an important question as heating water is known to be the second largest expense in homes across the United States. Some people live in an area where they have access to natural gas as well as electricity and therefore have a choice on what type of water heater to buy.

Generally speaking, electric water heaters tend to be more expensive to use than gas water heaters. Gas water heaters cost less to use because the cost of the gas needed to run the heather is typically much cheaper than the cost of electricity.

Recovery Rate

One of the main reasons why gas water heaters are cheaper to use than an electric heater has to do with its recovery rate. The recovery rate is the time it takes to heat a fresh tank of water after it’s been depleted. Gas heaters can heat a 50-gallon tank of water in about 1 hour, but it takes an electric water heater the same amount of time to heat a 14-gallon tank. Not only does it take less time and resources to heat water in a gas water heater, but there is also more hot water available.

How to Reduce Costs

The good news is, there are things you can do to cut the cost of running an electric water heater. Here are a few suggestions:

· Turn Down Your Thermostat – You can control how hot the water gets on your water heater by setting the thermostat. For every 10 degrees you turn it down, you can potentially save up to 5% on your energy bill.

· Install Low-Flow Showerheads – Cut your water consumption by up to 25%-60% by using a low-flow showerhead.

· Economy Setting on Dishwasher – Most of the newer models of dishwashers are able to clean our dishes much better than their predecessors. Set your dishwashers to “Economy” and skip the pre-rinsing.

· Drain the Sediment – The tank of your water heater may have built up a layer of sediment that affects its efficiency. By draining the tank, you’ll get rid of that layer of sediment and have a better working heater.

If you feel that your water heater is not working properly or is costing you too much money to use, call Boydco Plumbing and let us come take a look at it. It could be that you have a leak or some other small issue that may be causing problems. We can be reached at 602-335-0323 and are happy to help.