bathtub renovation

For most homeowners looking to update their home, the bathroom is one of the first places they start. In fact, bathroom remodeling was the most requested home renovation of 2012 and 2013, according to the National Association of Home Builders. But an entire bathroom overhaul can be pricey, and it can be a lengthy process.

For a faster project that still carries a big impact, why not update just the bathtub? We’ve got some bathtub renovation tips for you below.

Refinish It

The simplest way to update your old bathtub that is beginning to show signs of wear or age is to have it professionally refinished. Refinishing works well for fiberglass, porcelain or cast iron tubs, and is a great way to change the color of your tub or hide nicks, scratches, and chips. The biggest drawback to this method is that it really does need to be professionally done, as DIY methods don’t adhere well or last very long.

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Plan Your Space

If you’re planning a more extensive bathroom remodel, it pays to plan ahead. If your new design involves enlarging your tub or shower, you may also need to move or extend the plumbing to accommodate the larger space. This usually requires hiring a plumbing professional, and can increase the overall cost of your project if not accounted for in the remodeling budget.

Test Before You Invest

Want to know the trick to finding the perfect bathtub for your unique shape? Make yourself comfortable before you even take it home. Not all bathtubs are created equal, so sit, lounge, and stand in a bathtub before you make a purchase to make sure it fits you just right.

Buy Used

You can save big bucks by checking secondhand, thrift and consignment stores for bathtubs. Often these will be significantly cheaper than buying a bathtub new, and you may even be able to find a quaint vintage piece to lend character to your space.

Get Crafty

If you’re on a budget, that one gorgeous but expensive tile design may be out of the question. Be creative. Even cheap, plain tile can be laid in an interesting design, especially if you mix and match contrasting or complimentary colors. If you have a fiberglass tub and shower, spice it up with paint. Several brands make a paint that is specially formulated for use in showers, and can withstand water and hot temperatures.

Convert to a Shower

If you rarely use your tub and opt for a shower the majority of the time, it may be worth converting the tub to a shower only. A floor-to-ceiling style shower makes even small bathrooms look more open and spacious, and is a sleek alternative to an outdated one-piece tub.

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