Kids Bathroom Ideas

We spend so much of our lives in bathrooms: Why not make that time fun? Kids have the right idea with their rubber duckys and toothbrush microphones. As adults it can be so easy to look at our bathroom as either a place to quickly do our business or as a potential money-drain with plugged up pipes and clogged toilets and shower heads needing to be switched out.

The only problem with kids treating their bathrooms like a second playroom is that it can get trashed pretty fast. At Boydco Plumbing, we know how frustrating it can be to come home to a bathroom that’s been struck by Hurricane Kiddo. The key to a clean bathroom and peace of mind is organization. Here are a few ideas on how you can make your bathroom kid-friendly AND more organized.

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The key to having a kid-friendly bathroom is accessibility. Is the sink too high up? Can they reach the towel rack? Is it easy for them to climb into and out of the bathtub/shower stall? If your child has their own bathroom, make sure it’s arranged and constructed with their size in mind. If they’re sharing your bathroom, have things on hand that can make your bathroom more accessible. Add in secure foot stools, for starters, and bring down the towel racks so they can get to them.

One accessible way to organize things neatly is to put in a “tree” of freestanding shelves. Setting up this upright rack of storage space gives you multiple levels where both adults and children can hang all their bathroom essentials. For younger children it’ll also give you a place to hang bags of toys. Just make sure that the base of the tree is sturdy and tip proof.

Color Coordination

Do you have several kids? Or do you share a bathroom with your child? A great way to help them orient themselves and keep your bathroom organized is to use color coordination. Get them a towel, toothbrush and cup for their toothpaste and brush that all have the same matching color. Make sure it’s a different color than anything else in the bathroom.

The advantage of color coordination is that your child knows what’s theirs and that it makes it easy for you to know when they aren’t putting things away properly. You can also make things easier by getting a personalized towel rack mounted on the wall. Designate and label a hook for them so they know where to put their towel.

Shower Bins

Keep your shower clean and organized by adding in hanging plastic bins. These are small and unobtrusive and can be hung on tension shower rods. You can store your kid’s soaps, shampoos and bathroom toys in each bin. These can be particularly handy if you have multiple kids in the house: You can store each child’s things in its own dedicated bin so they don’t end up using each other’s wash cloths and soaps.

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning your home should be an all-ages responsibility! Get your children involved by creating a chore list. Put together a colorful bucket filled with their cleaning supplies. Make sure that the cleaning supplies are safe for them to use and that you’ve trained them to use them properly. Make cleaning fun by rewarding them for a job well done.

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