Homeowner's Tool Box

A homeowner without a tool box is like a turtle without a shell: Helpless. No matter how well maintained your house is, eventually a problem is going to develop and when it does you need the right tools on hand to fix it. Think of all the problems that could cause enormous damage to your home that could be easily solved if you just had some tools on hand.

At Boydco Plumbing, we’re committed to helping our clients conquer their house problems. If you’ve got damaged pipes, extensive water damage, sewage seepage or any other kind of plumbing problem we’d be glad to help you get your house back in order. But there are little problems you can and should be able to fix on your own, and to do that you need the right tools. Here are eight tools that should be in every homeowner’s tool box.

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Tape Measure

This is one of the most important tools you can own. While it can’t actually fix anything on its own, a tape measure can furnish you with the information that you need to fix just about any household problem. It can help you figure out the placement of objects, calculate floor plans, measure the distance between pipes and give you raw data that will help estimate material quantities for any building or remodeling projects.

To get the most out of your tape measure it’s best to follow the adage of “Measure Twice, Cut Once”. It can be easy to misread the tape or be off on your measurements for the first, so do it again just to be on the safe side.


When it comes to investigating leaks and fixing plumbing problems you’ll often have to inspect dark, cramped spaces. A flashlight will help you cut through the murk and get to the root of your troubles. These also can be a lifesaver when the power goes out and you and your loves ones are stumbling around in the dark.


A pair of screwdrivers should be a staple in any toolbox. Ideally you should have both a Philips and a Flathead screwdriver. For convenience sake you should opt for screwdrivers with handles that can accept interchangeable tips. That way you can deal with a wide range of screw types and sizes.


Like death and taxes, toilet clogs are an inescapable part of life. Having a good plunger on hand can solve all sorts of bathroom-related headaches. Just make sure you clean it after every use. You may have to replace it every few years as they start to wear out, but they’re inexpensive and necessary.

Utility Knife

When scissors just won’t literally cut it. A sturdy utility knife or box cutter is an invaluable addition to any toolbox. For any kind of home improvement project having a sharp blade on hand like a utility knife can streamline the process.

Putty Knife

In the event you get a leak in your walls or see any signs of water damage, a putty knife will be worth its weight in gold. Putty knives are great for scraping off wallpaper or paint, which you’ll need to do if water damage sets in. They’re also good for spreading spackle over small holes in your walls.

Adjustable Wrench

If you’re going to work with your pipes you’re going to need a wrench. Get an adjustable wrench: They’re fairly cheap and offer the flexibility you’ll need to handle all sorts of pipe widths. If you need to tighten or assemble any plumbing fixtures you’ll need to have one of these on hand.


If you’ve got a project that involves you cutting, bending or gripping wire you’ll need a good pair of pliers. These are also great for straightening out bent power-cord plugs. And if you ever have to replace an old shower head, you’ll have a devil of a time doing it without some sturdy pliers.

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