Nothing is worse than moving into a new home, finding little issues here and there and not being able to fix them yourself. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 tools you’ll need around your new home. Nothing feels better than completing a job yourself so run to Home Depot and grab yourself these 4 tools so you can be a self-sufficient homeowner!

A Screwdriver Set

The majority of do-it-yourself jobs will require a screwdriver of some sort. Whether it be a phillips head screwdriver or a flathead, you’ll be glad you have one! Tightening up that light switch cover or adjusting the ceiling fan will be much easier if you have a screwdriver set.

Tape Measure

You might wonder when you’d use a tape measure, but if you’re moving into a new home, the answer is all the time. You’ll need to measure to hang pictures. You’ll need to measure the size of a pipe that needs to be replaced. Measure the height of your ideal new toilet.


Most plumbing jobs will use a wrench. You’ll need it to tighten bolts that hold the toilet to the ground. It’ll be a necessity for loosening tight pipes so you can clean out a clog. They’re also useful to work on vehicles and other parts of the home.

Duct Tape

It’s a quick fix! For almost everything! That’s not to say you should use it as a permanent solution to problems around the house, but it can keep the problem at bay until you can call a professional. Plus, with all the different designs, it’s not an eye sore anymore! It can be used as an accent around the home.

When you decide a job is just too big for you to handle, it’s important to call a professional. And it doesn’t hurt to stick around and watch how they fix the issue. Most professionals will show you what they’re doing and explain as they go.

Need More Homeowner Tools?

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