Not every home or apartment comes with a huge, lavish bathroom with his and her sinks and counter space for days. Sometimes you have to settle for minimal counter space and a smaller shower. But that’s okay! There’s ways to maximize your space and open up the area to make it appear larger than it is.

For smaller bathrooms, it’s all about saving space and boosting storage space! Here’s how!

Over-the-Toilet Storage

It may seem like an odd place to look for storage, but if you want into your bathroom, you’ll probably noticed that there’s a lot of unused space on the wall above your toilet. Target, Home Depot and Walmart all sell over-the-toilet storage units that are not only sensible, but stylish too!

Use Corner Storage in a Small Bathroom

Corners can be the biggest waste of space in any room, not just a bathroom. Lucky for you, there plenty of corner storage options! Check out this corner shelf unit by Ikea. It’s also easy to make extra room in your shower by using one of these corner shower caddies.

Stackable Storage Maximizes Vertical Space in a Small Bathroom

Last but not least, what about your counter space? There’s a few easy ways to maximize your counter space – and some of them are fun to make yourself! You can make a DIY tiered storage tray from dollar store items. Another way to save space? Hang a shoe holder inside your cabinet for toiletries and cleaning products.

Do you have other space saving tips for small bathrooms?